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Machined Components
Special Purpose Fasteners
Die Castings
Sheet Metal Components
Automobile Industry
Rocker Arm, Pre-combustion Chamber, Gear Shifter, Water Pumps Body, Gland, Elbow Side Plate of Engine, Timing Belt Pulley, Connecting Rod, etc.
Aero Engines & Aircrafts
All Precision Parts for Aero Engines & Aircraft Industries, etc.
Agriculture Industry
• Agricultural Implants, Machinery & Plant Protection Equipment, Parts for Plunger Pumps, Boiler Feeding Pump, Chemical Pump, etc.
• Aerospace: Hub Casting, Rotor, Blade, etc.
Air Conditioning Equipment
Piston for Compressor, Lever, Valve Plate, Cover Plate, Stopper Plate; Different Types of Nuts, Impeller, Automotive Parts, etc.
Boiler Mountings & Accessories
Steam Boiler Parts, Thermal Boiler Parts, Oil Boiler Parts, Gas Boiler Parts, Coal Boiler Parts, Burner Spares, etc.
Bathroom Fittings & Accessories
Bathroom Fitting Parts, Sanitary Ware, Plumbing Material, Joints, etc.
Compressor Parts
Cover Plate, Valve Plate, Pressure Plate, Valve Assembly, Different Types of Guides, Lever, etc.
Crimping Tool Industries
Toggle Clamp, Tricolor Clamp, Speed Nut, Lock Nut, Check Nut, Gland Nut, etc.
Cooling Towers & Chilling Plants
Yoke, Housing, Flange, Lever, Main Body, SS Nozzle, SS Nipple, etc.
Defense Armament & Fire Arms
All Intricate & Critical Parts, etc.
Diesel & Gas Turbine Equipment
Diesel Engine Parts, Fuel Injection Equipment, Nozzle, Element, Drain Valve, etc.
Dairy Equipments
Clamp, Ferrule, 2-Way Valve Body, 3-Way Valve Body, Cock, Din Nut, etc.
Dies, Jigs, Fixtures & Clamps
Precision Engineering Components, Inserts for Tools & Dies, Jigs, Fixtures & Special Gauge Components, etc.
Electric Engineering Industry
Junction Box, Housing, Electric Panel Lever, Different Types of Glands, Other Electric Goods & Components, etc.
Earth Moving Machinery
Chain Link, Gear, Fork, Lever, Socket Jaw, Generator Parts, etc.
Fire Fighting Equipment
Landing Valve Body, Bonnet, Stop Valve, Pull-up-lug, Cam Tooth, Female Outlet, Socket, Check Nut, Gland Nut, All Assembly Parts, etc.
Food Processing Machinery
Food Processing Machine Parts, Packing Machine Parts, Oil Filling Equipment, Printing Machine Parts, Pulse Mill Machine Parts, etc.
Gauges/Process Control Instruments
Compact Sealed Chamber, Fork, Lever, Dosing Block, Flange, DT-212 & Probe Housing, etc.
Hydraulic Products & Equipment
Hydraulic Machine Parts, Fittings, Nipple, Valve, Needle, Chemflow Control Parts, Pipe Flow Control Parts, etc.
Marine Equipment
Marine Engine Parts, Fish Finding Equipment Parts, Steering Gear Parts, etc.
Mining Equipment
Valve Plate, Cover Plate, Pressure Plate, Chamber, Socket, Guide, Rotor, Pinion, etc.
Orthopedic Appliances & Equipment
90/125/130/135 degree DHS Plate, Bipolar Joint, Conventional Implant, etc.
Pharmaceutical Equipment & Machinery
Different types of Cylinders, Dosing Block, Lever, Color Flange, Labeling Machine Parts, Filling Machine Parts, Valve Body, etc.
Industrial Pumps & Pumping Equipment
Impeller, Bowl, Diffuser, Stuffing Box, Front & Rear Bearing Housing, Suction & Discharge Casing, Gland Plate, etc.
Pneumatics Equipment
Solenoid Valve Parts, Pneumatic Cylinder, Regulator, etc.
Sewing Machine Parts
Bag Closer Machine Parts, Embroidery Machine Parts, Thread Take Up Lever, Rotary Hook, Shuttle hook, Tufting, Needle, Clip, Lever, Funnel, etc.
Textile Machinery, Spares & Components
Chain Link, Funnel, Roller assembly, Spare Parts for Weaving Machine, Sulzer Machine, etc.
Steam Turbine & Parts, etc.
Valves & Fittings
Ball Valve Parts, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Solenoid Valve, Non Return Valve, Actuator Mounting Valve, etc.
Other Products
Artificial Limbs, Arms & Ammunition, Parts for Bottling Industries, Machine Tools Equipment, Nuclear Engineering Parts, Power Plant Parts, Plumbing Fixture Parts, Process Machinery Parts, General Engineering Parts, Industrial Machinery Parts, etc.